Benefits to hospitals

Western Institute of Legal Medicine courses:
• Offer an alternative to restricting or terminating medical staff privileges as a corrective measure. Remedial education should be a major objective of the corrective process in hospitals.
• Protect the hospital from malpractice and criminal liability. Do you have a clinician at special risk? Preventive education may be your best solution.
• Can provide another basis for negotiating better premium rates with insurers.
• Improve compliance with government regulatory requirements.
• Help every clinician who takes one of our courses be a positive influence for other clinical staff towards better risk management practices.
• Protect patients from avoidable harm. Legal medicine contains a body of knowledge uniquely focused on clinical practices that reduce the risk of patient harm likely to result in legal complications.
• Improve inter-professional communication and cooperation among clinicians.
• Enable physicians serving as medical staff officers or committee members to establish appropriate rules and regulations, and to take lawful actions when discharging their duties. This reduces the risk of lawsuits by members of the medical staff against the hospital.
• Help the hospital avoid citations and other disciplinary actions by the Joint Commission and by the Department of Health.
• Protect clinicians from common myths and misconceptions about the legal requirements of medical practice. Medical education does not adequately or accurately address the concepts, requirements and issues of legal medicine.
• Provide legal training for hospital nurses and other non-physician clinical staff to improve their conformance with the legal requirements of clinical practice. Click HERE to view the benefits of inexpensive Western Institute courses for non-physicians.

How much money and other resources, including increased liability insurance premiums, will it save your hospital by preventing just ONE lawsuit?
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