"I wish I had taken these courses sooner. High level of education and experience of presenters. Presentations were very understandable and logical."
Dr. C
Oakland, CA
"I never knew how much I didn't know. Excellent, professional, and friendly speakers."
Dr. M
San Jose, CA
"I learned a lot. The legal background of speakers allowed for real-world examples of ways in which law suits and medical board complaints come to fruition."
Dr. S
Internal Medicine
Los Angeles, CA
"Both speakers are well-schooled, bright, excellent speakers, well-read. I learned new things, especially Herbal issues and Pharmacokinetics."
Dr. T
Pain Specialist
Sacramento, CA
"These courses should be required for all California physicians. I have learned techniques that will improve my practice and help limit my risk of a future lawsuit. I wish that all my colleagues carried the information taught in this course with them. The content of these courses represents the highest utility learning since kindergarten!"
Dr. R
San Francisco, CA


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