Why Us?

General WILM Info

WILM is committed to developing and presenting the finest accredited continuing education programs for medical professionals that can be found. WILM programs are designed for the specific purpose of allowing the busy medical professional to obtain the skills necessary to make a positive improvement in their clinical effectiveness and help reduce risk.  Our programs will also give you the confidence that you will avoid common errors which can lead to patient malpractice lawsuits, administrative discipline, or Medical Board action.


WILM courses are taught by industry leaders Marvin Firestone, MD, JD, Michael A. Firestone, MBA, JD, and others who all have extensive experience in law and medicine. WILM courses are accepted by the California Medical Board as meeting the requirements for probation.

Pricing & Course Options

WILM has competitive pricing and course options. We are flexible with schedule changes and re-assignments and well versed in guiding you past any technical challenges.