Pain Management Course Overview

Pain management practices have an especially high legal risk due to the many requirements for prescribing controlled substances and to large potential money damages for pain control malpractice.

This course covers topics such as prescribing and storing controlled substances, chronic pain management, and fraudulent or excessive prescriptions. For a complete list of this program’s content, see below. 

Now, for a special discounted fee, you can attend one day specifically devoted to pain management (Saturday) out of the Western Institute’s 2 1/2 day long Prescribing Practices and Management of Pain and Substance Abuse Disorder course.

The course fee ($600) is insignificant compared to the high cost of one criminal prosecution, one licensing board accusation, or one malpractice lawsuit.  Let us help you adjust your procedures to minimize the legal risks of your pain management practice.

Note: WILM’s 1-day Pain Management course does NOT meet the requirements for physician probation in CA

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1 day program

This includes an 80+ page fully-indexed syllabus.

  • Controlled substances prescribing requirements.
  • Treating addicted patients.
  • Drug-seeking patients and management of manipulative and seductive patient behaviors.
  • Substance use disorder.
  • Fraudulent prescriptions.
  • Prescribing excessive quantities of medications.
  • Clinician storage and dispensing of controlled substances.
  • Chronic pain diagnosis.
  • Chronic pain medication treatment.
  • Chronic pain syndrome and under-treatment of chronic pain.
  • Management of chronic insomnia and use of sedative hypnotics.
  • Classes of medications associated with increased risk.
  • Medications prescribed for psychoactive effects.

  1. Prescribing requirements for controlled substances
  2. Narcotic analgesics
  3. Amphetamines
  4. California statutes on controlled substances prescribing
  5. Dangerous abbreviations used for medication orders
  6. Prescription record form
  7. Patient’s drug preferences questionnaire
  8. Medication update form
  9. Tests for non-organic chronic pain

8:30 AM – 12:30 PM PST


1:30 PM – 5:30 PM PST

Due to COVID-19 all WILM Ed courses are currently held online via Zoom conferencing software and can only be attended remotely. You must have a computer, internet access, video and audio capabilities and browser software in order to participate.

$600. Organizations sponsoring multiple registrants should call (650) 212-4904 to discuss reduced tuition fees that may apply.

Register for Pain Management

This is one day specifically devoted to pain management out of the Western Institute’s 2 1/2 day long Prescribing Practices and Management of Pain and Substance Abuse Disorder course.  Physicians will be awarded CME hours for the number of hours actually attended (in this case 7 hours).  Please see the CME Accreditation statement from the Western Institute’s Prescribing Practices and Management of Pain and Substance Abuse Disorder course.

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